Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Coverage Note

Just a quick coverage note -- we promised we'd be live from Des Moines tonight to preview the Iowa caucuses.

A major technical problem with our satellite truck prevented us from doing that, and right now we are in a holding pattern for television coverage. I apologize for the problem. Believe me, there's no one more disappointed right now than me.

So after I seethed for a few minutes, I decided the best thing I could put my anger towards is continuing to bring you continuous updates right here.

TV is great. But often it's not pretty, and sometimes it doesn't work.

Thank God for blogs.

Now back to politics . . .


Michelle said...

Hang in there Dave. I heard all about it. You should try to upload your stories on youtube or something and then post them! Good luck...

Brad Belote said...

Keep the good stuff coming Dave!

There are plenty of alternatives to a satellite truck -- upload it to YouNews, YouTube or save your story as a MPG2 and FTP to your favorite broadcaster.

You can cover a lot more here than you can on TV. bb

Sandy said...

You know what, Dave? It happens.

Even though it didn't work out this time, I really appreciate your blog and all the political coverage you are providing lately. I rarely get a chance to view television newscasts so getting caught up via your blog works for me.

I saw where recently another blog received some weird internet award for Best Political Blog and you ran a close second. Personally, I think your blog is better for local and national political coverage. The other is more local, sometimes too local, only focusing on mainly what goes on in one building in Springfield and I hardly call all that nonsense "political".

Anyway, you're doing a great job! Keep it up! I seriously don't know how you do it with all the stuff going on right now.

David Catanese said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I appreciate it. Michelle and Brad are friends . . . but Sandy, you just made my day!