Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poll: Huckabee Looks Stable in Iowa

Huckabee Maintains Lead in Iowa;
Romney Looks Stable in N.H.
The freshest numbers from the 2008 presidential race are breaking at this hour. The L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll shows good news for Hillary Clinton and better news for Mike Huckabee in Iowa.
Mike Huckabee 37%
Mitt Romney 23%
John McCain 11%
Fred Thompson 11%
(+/-6 points)
IOWA DEMS (Likely Caucus-goers)
Hillary Clinton 31%
John Edwards 25%
Barack Obama 22%
(+/-4 points)
Who finishes third in Iowa matters on both sides. McCain's best scenario: Huck knocks of Romney in Iowa and is able to eek out a third place to launch himself into New Hampshire. The Democratic side looks much more chaotic. But even if Hillary finishes third, don't expect her to quit.

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