Monday, December 10, 2007

Nixon Camp Seizes on "Thankful" Comment

Man with Multiple Sclerosis Writes Governor
Jay Nixon's campaign for Governor is seizing on a comment made by Matt Blunt's political operation Friday that people who have been cut from the Medicaid rolls will eventually be thankful for Blunt's revamped plan to deal with healthcare for the low-income and disabled.
“The people of Missouri aren’t thankful that Blunt slashed their health care and made their premiums skyrocket, they’re angry – and they have every right to be,” said Nixon campaign spokesman Oren Shur. “The comments from the Governor’s campaign not only defy common sense, they’re cold, heartless and downright offensive.”
You can watch and read the comments in question in my story HERE.
Richard Green, one of the participants in Nixon's healthcare roundtable, and a single father of three with with multiple sclerosis wrote a letter to the Governor about the comments by John Hancock.
"I don't expect Matt Blunt to really understand what I go through every day -- but I do expect him to acknowledge that because of his cuts, people like me are hurting. But he evidently doesn't get that either," Green told the KY3 Political Notebook today.
"Governor, do you really expect me to be thankful for these cuts and for your new health care plan, which does nothing to undo the damage you've caused to my family?," Green wrote in the letter to Blunt.
"Governor, I wish you could spend one day in my shoes. You might then understand how difficult it is for my family to live with the consequences of your disastrous health care cuts. But you refuse to meet with people like me. I guess it's because we don't have high-powered lobbyists and we can't make big campaign contributions," he added.

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