Thursday, November 29, 2007

Making Corn Into Peaches

If Mike Huckabee is able to win Iowa or come close, his next best shot may be down in South Carolina.

A new Clemson University poll shows Huck in the hunt there:

Mitt Romney 17%
Fred Thompson 15%
Mike Huckabee 13%
John McCain 11%

The latest numbers out of New Hampshire still show Huckabee in single digits there.

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boyd said...

I keep hearing that this a change election. If that is true then Huckleberry has more going for him than the moral majority crowd. His support for the fair tax separates him from the establishment crowd. If people are wanting a change that would also explain the support for Ron Paul. Huckabee has proven that he can work with Democrates in Arkansas and could probably grab the change independents. This process in getting very interesting.