Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Donnelly Questions Koster's Medicaid Do-Over

Rep. Margaret Donnelly is questioning Sen. Chris Koster's position on the 2005 Medicaid cuts.

In a press release today, Donnelly said Koster suggested he would have liked a "do-over" of his vote at a Missouri Democratic Party State Committee meeting last Saturday.

"What’s most curious about Koster’s most recent statements appealing for a do-over is that in September of 2007 Koster told KY3 in Springfield that he stood behind his decision to cut Medicaid eligibility. So which is it Chris? Do you want a do-over or do you stand behind cutting thousands of Missourians off needed healthcare?," an e-mail from the Donnelly campaign for Attorney General asks today.

At a Labor Day picnic, Koster told me, "In 2005, I made the decision that had to be made."

"As the ranking Democratic member on the House Budget Committee, I fought alongside other Democrats against Governor Blunt’s shortsighted Medicaid cuts," said Donnelly. "It would have been a bit more helpful in that fight if Chris had made his conversion then, when a child or disabled adult might have benefited."

"Elected officials have to make decisions and stand behind them. We cannot afford an attorney general that makes decisions that harm people and then pleads for a do-over," said Donnelly.

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Tony said...

Just another of Koster's ever changing positions. The man will do anyting to get elected.