Friday, November 16, 2007

Blunt Backs King's Driver's License Ban

The ruckus over Hillary Clinton's mushy position on giving driver's licenses for illegal immigrants has now infiltrated Congress.

New York Rep. Peter King, (a supporter of Rudy Giuliani), has introduced legislation to prohibit states from issuing valid driver's licenses to those in the United States illegally.

Rep. Blunt has enthusiastically signed on. "There aren't many places you can go in this country where a plan to issue state-certified driver's licenses to illegal immigrants would be taken seriously. Apparently, though, the idea of awarding those here illegally with valid forms of identification isn't a laughing matter to some lawmakers in San Francisco and New York. Thankfully, the bill that will be brought forth today by Peter King and Pete Sessions - along with similar efforts by Vito Fossella and Tom Latham - will introduce a much-needed measure of common sense to the current debate. And evidently, not a moment too soon," Blunt said in a statement.

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