Monday, October 16, 2006

And Down The Stretch They Come . . .

Fresh back from a weekend trip to the Philadelphia (where G.O.P. Sen. Rick Santorum looks to be endangered) and northern New Jersey (where Republicans are trying to pull an election night surprise on embattled Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez), I'm back with a wrap-up of some of the key stories that will shape the U.S. Senate race in the Show-Me State down the stretch:

*TALENT'S BIG MO'! . . . Sen. Talent has lots of money to spend ($4.2 M) in the last 20 days and he wants you to know it. This could get bloodier than Fight Club. The gloves are off. This is about survival.

*STEM CELL SWING . . . Is anyone yet convinced which way the stem cell issue is gonna swing? The candidates may not even be quite sure. The New York Times notes their silence on the issue when playing to certain crowds.

*HANDS OFF MY OVARIES! . . . Check out this story by Ky3's Marie Saavedra about a national group campaigning against the stem cell initiative.

*DEBATE . . . So the buzz among us local media hounds about the U.S. Senate debate in St. Louis debate is that, while it had its moments . . . the questions could have been crisper, the panel wasted time repeating them and the candidates were allowed too much leeway to get off topic. We're hoping you tune in for our KY3 U.S. Senate Debate @ 8 p.m. Yeah, of course we're biased on this one! We're media after all; we're just as competitive as the candidates! But we've spent a considerable amount of time going through viewer questions and brainstorming our own . . . and we think we've got a recipe for an intriguing hour for you. I mean, I know the Cardinals are on, but seriously, don't you think the Tigers are just destined? FYI, if you miss us at 8 p.m., you can watch a replay of the debate on Ozarks Public Television at 10 p.m.


Matt said...

If the Cards are on, it doesn't matter if they'd face the '27 Yankees if they won...the Cards are the Cards.

Priorities: Cards Baseball, then control of the United States Senate!

St. Louis Oracle said...

Why did KY3 exclude two of the four candidates? Doesn't the public have the right to know what they all think? The last time I looked, all candidates start counting votes at zero, and no candidates have a head start.

The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

Our man, U.S. Senate Candidate Frank Gilmour, will be at the Library Center tonight, and anyone who is bored to tears with the McTalentskill "debate" are more than welcome to come meet our candidate.

We'll be watching the sad, boring spectacle, and doing a podcast for future posting on Radio Free Liberty. Details to follow.

Oh, and Oracle... you hit the nail first swing of the hammer.