Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rep. Denison To Haul in $16K Thursday, But Who Will Show?

Rep. Charlie Denison said he will rake in nearly $16,000 at a fundraiser for his re-election campaign Thursday evening -- an event that originally caused a political controversy inside the Republican party because of its listed sponsors.

The fundraiser will be held at Highland Springs Country Club from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Denison said Governor Blunt recently told him he would not be able to make it because of a scheduling conflict. But Denison said First Lady Melanie Blunt will be there representing the Governor.

Denison said he also expects several G.O.P. lawmakers to attend, including Senator Norma Champion and Nixa Rep. Jay Wasson.

But an adviser for Denison's primary opponent said the fundraiser fallout is causing several legislators to distance themselves from the event.

"I talked to Senator Champion and she is livid she was put down as a host and very upset she got sucked into this," Tim Trower, an adviser for David Dunn said. "Governor Blunt isn't coming. Representative Jay Wasson didn't want to be listed as a host."

Denison responded by saying that's nonsense. "I think this issue about the fundraiser is Tim Trower's way to try to make an issue. If that's the only issue Trower has got, he's got no issue."


seabrooke said...

While Charlie Denison's recent fundraiser fiasco brings into question his laziness, his character, and his tactics, there is a much bigger story that needs to be examined.

Questions should be asked regarding Denison's commitment to the people he was elected to represent. For example, on April 4th, 2006, while other lawmakers where working late into the night passing bills and amendments, Charlie was cavorting with a lobbyist at the inaugural game held at New Bush Stadium. The Double A Springfield Cardinals were playing the Triple A Memphis Redbirds. All legislators were given tickets. All but Charlie and a crony declined their tickets to attend to important pending legislation. Denison, on the other hand, was bouncing from luxury box suite to luxury box suite eating and drinking on the dime of a Springfield lobbyist. House voting records show that Charlie missed between 20-30 roll call votes while he was enjoying the trip. Keep in mind that Charlie stayed in session long enough to get his daily expense stipend, but when his fellow reps needed his vote, he was out the door.

Questions should also be asked regarding the sale of Charlie's longtime personal residence and subsequent move into a rented duplex for seniors. He frequently complained to fellow lawmakers that he had "financial problems". Also, he used $2000 of hard to come by campaign funds to buy a storage trailer. Could this be related to his recent downsizing? Why would a rep need a storage trailer?
All of this continues to point to the fact that Part Time Charlie seeks elected office for reasons that benefit himself. Selfish reasons! The office of Representative should not be looked at as a supplement to a dwindling pension or a remedy to lifestyle decisions that put him in financial quicksand.
Charlie can relax plenty after the primary and can busy himself removing the boot from his backside placed there by his Primary opponent, David Dunn.

One last note to the King of Faux Pas: Learn to correctly spell a Senator's name that supposedly is hosting a fundraiser for you before you mail it far and wide.

We are said...

Should Tim Trower even be getting this much press? It seems, at least from the blogs of the last few days, that we see that name more than the person he is supporting. If David Dunn has accusations, shouldn't he be making them instead of his "advisor"? Or, at the very least, shouldn't this "advisor" be making statements on behalf of the campaign, instead of independent accusations? No wonder so many people just don't vote! It gets too confusing!