Thursday, December 10, 2009

VoteVets Endorses Sowers has endorsed Tommy Sowers in his bid for Congress in the 8th Congressional District.'s Political Action Committee says its already helped raise $6,000 for Sowers' challenge to Republican Rep. Jo Ann Emerson.
"Tommy Sowers is a rare breed – an elite soldier and accomplished scholar,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of PAC. “His entire life can be summed up in two words: Hard Work. From his military career which took him all the way to special forces and leading a team of Green Berets, to going to the London School of Economics on scholarship and then teaching at West Point, Tommy has simply never rested. That quality will make him an exemplary leader in Congress, and an incredible servant for his constituents," Soltz added.
Soltz also said Sowers' "real war experience in Iraq will bring another credible voice to the important debate we are having about where and when to deploy troops."
Read the entire release HERE.


Billy said...

VoteVets is nothing but a wing of the democratic party. They have only endorsed two republicans, ever. They campaigned actively for Barack H. Obama and against John McCain, figure that one out.

Jo Ann Emerson has been a leader in congress on veterans affairs. She has supported and contributed to every important piece of legislation that provides the resources our active duty servicemen and women, as well as veterans need.

Tommy Sowers is a brave, honorable man, no doubt about that. And he may have unique insight into military matters. But I am more interested in where he stands on Afghanistan, Iraq, Gitmo, the show trial of KSM.

Hopefully, for him at least, his views on these issues are more in line with the 8th district than Pelosi Care, which he has already said he would support. Not to mention he has not come out with a stance on Cap and Tax, the Farm Bill, or how to create more jobs in southern Missouri.

Thank you for serving our country Tommy, but now you have come out with some real stances. Hopefully,for you, they will represent the 8th, not those of the people from NY and California that are giving you thousands of dollars.

Kyle said...

With all due respect, Billy, I think you're mistaken in what Maj. Sowers is all about and what VoteVets is saying. He wants to work hard for SE Missouri because he belongs to SEMO. Emerson can't say that, she's shown time and again she cares more about what's going on in neighborhoods like Georgetown than towns in Missouri like Rolla and Cape Giradeau.
VoteVets obviously saw that and I'm sure that is why they endorsed him.
"Sowers is a brave, honorable man, no doubt about that" you said. VoteVets knew he's a "rare breed" who is all about the value of "Hard Work" that is such a vital part of the people across Missouri (and the US). It is because of this that I believe VoteVets was right to endorse him and why he is the right choice to lead the MO-8 in Congress.