Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ameren Rate Hike Battle, Take Two

A group of Missouri businesses have fired another warning shot against a plan to allow AmerenUE to raise rates its by 18 percent.
The plan is before the state's Public Service Commission and FERAF -- Fair Electricity Rate Action Fund -- said Thursday it will "educated Missourians through every available means about the impact" of the hike at a time when Missouri's unemployment rate hangs around 9 percent.

"As FERAF members, we respect the PSC and its process and want to make sure as many Missourians as possible know about Ameren’s requested 18% rate hike,” said Bob Quinn, Executive Director of the Missouri Association for Social Welfare, and a FERAF member.

Members of FERAF include the AARP, the Missouri Rice Research & Merchandising Council and the Consumer Council of Missouri.

Ameren had planned to build a second nuclear reactor in mid-Missouri. But earlier this year, the company suspended those plans after lawmakers failed to repeal a 1976 law barring utilities from charging customers for certain costs of a new power plant before it starts producing electricity.

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