Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Carnahan Supports Obama's Afghan Strategy

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Robin Carnahan threw her support behind President Obama's Afghanistan strategy Wednesday morning.

Carnahan said she supported the president's decision to boost troop levels, but did not address the July 2011 timetable set that has come under criticism from Republicans.

"The failure to focus on Afghanistan for the past several years has created a difficult and dangerous situation. I support the decision by the President and his national security team to increase our troop levels in Afghanistan and I am encouraged that the strategy is receiving bipartisan support," said Carnahan in a statement released Wednesday morning.

"We must protect our nation from future attacks by stabilizing Afghanistan and the region so that it is not a safe haven for terrorists and is eventually responsible for its own security. It's vital that there be clear benchmarks, strict oversight and that our troops have the tools they need to succeed and ultimately return home safely. I recognize the additional burden this places on our military and their families, and all Americans are deeply in the debt of those who serve our nation so bravely and with so much selfless dedication," Carnahan added.

Her likely 2010 U.S. Senate opponent Roy Blunt said he supported a troop increase but added that Obama's timetable could undermine the goal of the mission.

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Waker Upper said...

I am so sick of the partisanship.

Carnahan was against the war before she was for it.

Blunt was for the war, but says the plan could "undermine" the mission.

Potato, potaaato. Whatever.

They both make me sick.