Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tommy "The Real Deal" Sowers?

Reports $204,510 In Bid Against Emerson

8th District Democratic candidate Tommy Sowers announced raising $204,510 during his first fundraising quarter for his bid to replace Republican Rep. Jo Ann Emerson.

Sowers cash haul will serve as an immediate eyebrow-raiser for veteran Missouri politicos who use campaign contributions to gauge a candidate's prospects. It's clear that out-of-state contributions fueled Sowers' 3rd quarter report.

"This filing exceeds the $146,312 raised in total by the last ten years of challengers to Jo Ann Emerson," reads the Sowers campaign release. "Contributions were received from over 400 supporters in 37 states, many of whom are current or former members of the military."

Sowers, who announced his campaign in early September, served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and is now teaching at the Missouri University of Science & Technology.
"This strong initial fundraising helps to ensure that my campaign has the resources we need to win. But we can’t and won’t slow down now. We know it’s going to be a long, tough fight. I’m running against an incumbent who is a former insurance lobbyist who has always filled her campaign coffers with plenty of lobbyist dollars," Sowers said in the campaign statement.

Sowers also included a statement from Missouri Democratic Party chair Craig Hosmer in his release.
"This is about the strongest support I’ve seen for a candidate - first timer or incumbent. These numbers demonstrate peoples’ belief that a strong leader who served his country in the US Army is exactly the kind of leader we need to send to Congress to serve his fellow residents in the 8th District," said Hosmer.
Third quarter campaign finance reports are due Thursday.

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No need to publish this comment, but am following up with my tweet (from @andrewcareaga) for you to correct the name of the university formerly known as the University of Missouri-Rolla. It is now known as Missouri University of Science and Technology, aka Missouri S&T. Follow on Twitter at @MissouriSandT. Thanks!

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