Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Third GOP Candidate Running For U.S. Senate

Kansas City auto consultant Mark Memoly is running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate -- bringing the total number of candidates to three on the G.O.P. side.
Jasper County GOP chairman John Putnam tells The Notebook that Memoly spoke to the Jasper County Central Committee as a candidate Tuesday night.
"He's announced. He's got a committee filed. He hasn't got a real kick-off event, but he's been talking to county chairs," said Putnam in an interview.
A quick search shows that Memoly hasn't garnered much media coverage if he's been running an active campaign. His GOOGLE profile describes him as a consultant and supplier to Automotive Technologies, Inc.
A call to Memoly wasn't immediately returned Tuesday.
Putnam said he agreed to let Memoly speak Tuesday because "everybody ought to have their day." But Putnam said Memoly ran into some skepticism from the Republican crowd when he said he supported government-regulated CEO pay.
"We had 10 minute presentations and everybody jumped all over him for his regulations on CEOs. There were some fireworks," Putnam said.
(In the comment section, Putnam later said he may have overstated the reaction.)
HERE is Memoly's website.
Congressman Roy Blunt and State Senator Chuck Purgason are the other two candidates running for the 2010 GOP U.S. Senate nomination.

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John said...

Hey Dave,
Just to clarify the reaction to Memoly's comments about CEO pay: There were no boo's and if I said "everybody jumped on him" I overstated the case. What I was seeing was uncomfortable body language by many of the attendees as a couple of people challenged him about his position advocating government regulation of corporate pay. Everyone was very polite. John Putnam