Friday, October 23, 2009

Spiritual Bonds Unite Emerson & Cleaver

POLITICO reports a Washington, D.C. prayer and Bible study group has helped forge a spiritual bond between Kansas City Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver and Southeast Missouri Republican Rep. Jo Ann Emerson.
The bond has become so tight, reports Alex Isenstadt, that Cleaver refused an overture from a Missouri Democrat who was seeking his support in a prospective campaign against Emerson.
The Politico piece examines how "C Street" bonds sometimes trump partisan considerations.
Emerson is being challenged by Democratic candidate Tommy Sowers, a U.S. Special Forces officer .


Billy said...

What a breath of fresh air in today's political climate. This is the way all our politicians should be doing things in Washington. Mrs. Emerson's and Mr. Cleaver's shared faith and personal knowledge of each others tireless work to make this country a better place trumped party politics. This is what our founding fathers had in mind.... One Country, Under God.

I hope both are re-elected to continue that fight.

Mason said...

For the past 12 years, It has been encouraging to see how Jo Ann's care for people always comes before politics. While their affiliations may differ, I am not surprised to see someone from the other side of the aisle expressing their respect for the congresswoman.

Lewis said...

They were probably praying that their socialist agendas don't cause a revolution.
"Please Lord, let us maintain our stranglehold on congress."

Mason said...

I am going to have to disagree with you, seeing some of Jo Ann's core beliefs include middle class tax cuts, fiscally responsible spending and more accountable governing. These things in no way resemble socialism, in my opinion.

Lewis said...

Voted for the banker bailout a year ago giving 700 billion dollars of our money to a bunch of millionaire bankers for no other reason than that those same bankers told her to do so, supported the 'cash for clunkers' boondoggle, supports NAIS, doesn't read bills before signing them, supports NAFTA/CAFTA, voted to make the unconstitutional patriot act permanent, has voted to raise the debt ceiling on the national debt,,,

Sounds like big government socialism to me.

Mason said...

Jo Ann is characterized as being a "Rank and File Republican", putting her between the categories of Moderate Republican and Far Right. While she did vote in favor of the bank bailouts, along with the majority of Democrats, she voted AGAINST the $800 billion "stimulus" and YES to regulate subprime mortgages, which if you get a chance to research, helped lead to the destruction of many of these banks that liberals deemed as "racist" if they required poor people to show income statements before taking out a loan. As far as the CAFTA goes, the first part stands for Central American FREE TRADE. Socialism is the redistribution of wealth, a single payer health care system and excessive taxes that cap ingenuity. Jo Ann supports none of these things. Thank you