Friday, October 09, 2009

Sinquefield Would Like Matt Blunt to Run Again

Think tank president and conservative mega-campaign contributor Rex Sinquefield tells The Notebook he'd like to see Matt Blunt run for Governor again.
In an extensive one-on-one interview, the former investment advisor said he's personally encouraged Blunt to run in the future and believes he knows exactly why he passed on a try at a second term.
"Frankly I'd like to see Matt Blunt run for Governor again, or something higher some day," said Sinquefield, who is president of the Show-Me Institute. "We had a billion dollar deficit and when he left we had a billion dollar surplus."
Touts Blunt's top CATO Institute rating as Top Gov. in the country --
"That's really quite an accolade."
On Why Blunt Left: "I think I know exactly why he left," Sinquefield said. He said Blunt felt the same way about working in government as he felt about staying in investing -- they both got bored. "I believe him because I was there," Sinquefield said.
But Notes Disagreement with Blunt on Bombardier
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NEXT WEEK: More excerpts of my one-on-one interview with Sinquefield on the school choice debate and the influence of campaign contributions in politics

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