Saturday, October 10, 2009

Parnell Strikes Ike, But Not On Open Mic

Ike Skelton's 2008 GOP opponent said Saturday he's more troubled by the Congressman's recent votes than what he inadvertently muttered into an open microphone.

BUT Republican Jeff Parnell said he's not yet decided on whether he'll attempt to challenge Skelton again in 2010.

"While Congressman Skelton's recent problem with a live microphone is certainly amusing and makes a tempting target, particularly to his announced opponents, I am sorely troubled by his votes and actions that do violence to freedom, our economy and the U.S. Constitution," Parnell wrote in a statement.

Parnell instead took issue with Skelton's recent votes on a defense bill that addresses hate crimes, cap and trade legislation and his support for "the government takeover of our healthcare establishment." "None of this is news," wrote Parnell. "I have been speaking and writing about his chameleon-like stances on issues for many years."

Parnell then seemed to take a shot at the announced Republicans running against Skelton in 2010: "The American people want leaders who offer real-world solutions, not more carping about trivialities by politicians who would rather hold on to issues than solve problems," he said.

Contacted by The Notebook Saturday, Parnell said he's keeping his options at a 4th District run open: "I have not ruled out my involvement. I must weigh personal considerations, but knowing 4th District politics as I do, should I enter, I would expect to win the nomination."
In 2008, Skelton defeated Parnell handily in the general election 66%-34%.

Five Republicans have already announced candidacies in the 4th Congressional District.

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