Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Former Sen. Melton Backs Schweich

Former 29th District State Senator Emory Melton is endorsing Tom Schweich in the Republican primary for Auditor.

"The position of auditor is one of the most important elements of the executive branch," said Melton, the Cassville Senator who served from 1972 to 1997. "The experience Tom has had in the field of auditing far surpasses all the other candidates," he added.

Melton is considered a local GOP legend of sorts in Barry County. He represented 11 Southwest Missouri counties before retiring from office ans served on the Senate Appropriations Committee during his tenure.

"Sen. Melton is a true statesman who has dedicated his life to protecting Missouri taxpayers," said Schweich in a statement. "I am honored by his endorsement that I am the candidate with the right experience to best protect Missouri taxpayers as their auditor."
Schweich is battling State House member Allen Icet in the 2010 GOP primary for State Auditor.

A spokesman for Icet said on Wednesday that the campaign was still tallying up their 3rd quarter fundraising efforts.

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