Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Doubleteaming Ike

2 on 1
The two top Republican candidates vying to replace Ike Skelton sent out dueling releases Wednesday taking shots at the Congressman on the economy and gay rights.
GOP candidate Vicky Hartzler took Skelton to task for a statement published on The Notebook on Sunday, where Skelton spoke about "signs of progress" in the economy.
"One year later, there are signs of progress in the economy and money authorized under the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program is being repaid to American taxpayers," Skelton wrote in a statement.
"Between January and August of this year, 42,000 men and women in Missouri were handed pink slips and sent to the jobless line. This terrible tragedy grows worse every day. Everybody here knows this. Ike Skelton doesn’t know it. His statement advertised 'signs of progress' on the economy, and spared only a few words in passing for the job losses that are devastating families all over the 4th District and Missouri," Hartzler said. "It was disappointing to read Ike Skelton's new statement, with 'signs of progress' in his title. He had almost nothing to say about the worst part of this recession--the terrible loss of family supporting jobs--which is occurring more each month . . . Just as his report was coming out, the U.S. employment jumped to a heart-stopping 9.8 percent, " she added.
Hartzler went on to criticize Skelton for his vote in favor of the economic stimulus package. "It isn’t working. It never had a chance. It’s time for a new plan. It’s time for a change. I’ve not met one person in the 4th who agrees with Rep. Skelton that we can spend ourselves rich and borrow our way out of debt," Hartzler said.
Senator Bill Stouffer accused Skelton of helping House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pass legislation to "advance the homosexual agenda."
Stouffer's campaign is referring to the local law enforcement hate crimes bill that was attached to the larger defense authorization measure. The "hate crimes legislation" is designed to extend protection for gay and transgender victims. Some conservatives have called the move a "sociological attack on the morals of America."
"This bill would mean that some crimes in the United States are treated differently than others- violating the spirit of equal protection under the law. More disturbingly, this bill would violate First Amendment rights of countless Americans including religious leaders who might disagree with the homosexual agenda or lifestyle," reads the Stouffer release. "Not only did Skelton allow the Hate Crimes Act to be added to the National Defense Authorization Act, but last night Skelton voted against a motion to instruct conferees to drop the Hate Crimes Act language from the conference report," the release goes on.
***OBSERVERS widely view Stouffer's move as a way to out-flank Hartzler on the right on the gay issue. Hartzler was the spokeswoman for the group that promoted a 2004 constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.***
"Congressman Skelton needs to remember that he represents the good conservative folks of Missouri’s Fourth District, not Nancy Pelosi or the radical Left. Instead of playing politics with a troop-funding bill, he should let these two measures be voted on separately. It’s disgraceful that Congressman Skelton has allowed a bill that funds our troops in combat to be hijacked by a homosexual agenda," Stouffer said in the statement.
Both Hartzler and Stouffer are vying for the GOP nomination to take on the veteran 4th District Congressman next year.

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