Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blunt Wins 3rd Quarter Fundraising, Maintains Cash Advantage

Congressman Roy Blunt inched out Robin Carnahan in third quarter campaign fundraising to give himself about a $430,000 cash on hand advantage over the Democratic Secretary of State about a year before the election.

During the last three months, Blunt reported raising about $1.3 M to Carnahan's $1.07 M, about a $230,000 difference. That leaves Blunt with $2.27 M of cash on hand to spend, compared to Carnahan's $1.84 M.

Carnahan's campaign noted that the $1,071,572 raised between July and September added up to their best quarter yet. Blunt's campaign release seemed to taunt Carnahan with this headline: "Left-Wing Money Galore Still Leaves Liberal Robin Carnahan in Last Place."

"Carnahan's allies including ACORN and the League of Conservative Voters have gone negative, spending nearly $500,000 since April on false television and radio ads attacking Roy Blunt for voting against the energy tax and the proposed government-takeover of health care," reads Blunt's third quarter fundraising release. "Where in the world is Robin Carnahan?," said Blunt spokesman Rich Chrismer "Our candidate is traveling the state with a message of common sense Missouri solutions, visiting with voters, telling people where he stands, answering questions and standing up for Missouri values."


Senator Chuck Purgason said...

He'll talk to everyone but me.
Senator Chuck Purgason

Caleb Harris said...

Uh is that supposed to read League of CONSERVATION Voters???