Monday, September 28, 2009

Nixon: "There Could've Been More Precise Communication"

Governor Jay Nixon said someone in his communication office may have known about high levels of E.Coli last spring, but said policy officials did not know about the results until almost a month after it was discovered.

"The bottom line is obviously I think that there could've probably been more precise communication," said Gov. Nixon, in what appears to be the closest acknowledgment of mistakes by his office.

Nixon took questions about E.Coli-gate in Kansas City Monday and The Star's Steve Kraske has a transcript of the entire Q & A.

Key Quotes:
On Whether His Administration Suppressed Release of the Results: "There was communications between communications departments out at DNR and our office about those results that could have been more precise and released more quickly."

On Whether Jeff Mazur Relayed His Knowledge To Anyone Else: "I'm not exactly sure."

Did Not Rule Out That Other Aides Knew Sooner Than Acknowledged
Did Not Say He Would Dismiss Anyone For Wrongdoing
ALSO: The Missouri Record pens a column for, comparing the Governor to the embattled former president with the same name.

"It’s rarely the infraction that brings down a politician, it’ the coverup that ensues. Not only is Missouri’s governor a former 16-year attorney general, his name is Nixon," writes Patrick Tuohey.

Tuohey also raises the question of campaign contributions.

Read it HERE.

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