Thursday, August 06, 2009

Protestors Expected to Greet Blunt At Healthcare Forum

Congressman Roy Blunt is holding a healthcare forum at the Springfield Chamber of Commerce TODAY @ 3 p.m.
Democrats and local progressive groups have indicated to KY3 News that they will be demonstrating outside the Chamber.
Before the meeting, the Missouri Democratic Party has sent out a release, with the blaring headline: QUESTION FOR BLUNT: WOULD YOU GET RID OF MEDICARE IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE?
"As one of the designated Republican leaders on health care, it is important for Missourians to know where he really stands. To this point, the negative comments about Medicare are the only detailed ideas we have heard from Congressman Blunt. This is not the kind of leadership people want from a member of Congress or a United States Senator," said Missouri Democratic Party executive director.
Attached is THIS YouTube video of Blunt's critical comments of Medicare.
"We've had Medicare since 1965 but, Medicare has never done anything to make people more healthy," Blunt said in the clip.

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