Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Healthcare Debate: In Their Own Words

LISTEN to my Q & A on the healthcare debate with the SEIU's Clark Brown and Americans for Prosperity's Carl Bearden.
Dueling demonstrators faced-off over healthcare in Springfield Thursday night, just days before Senator Claire McCaskill's highly-anticipated town hall meeting.
More than a hundred people showed up at Fassnight Park to voice opposition to any type of government healthcare plan -- as well as send a message to the Democratic Senator.
"Educate, communicate, activate," instructed former Republican lawmaker and Americans for Prosperity leader Carl Bearden to a crowd of about 130.
Bearden read off phone numbers to McCaskill's offices around the state and the crowd began dialing to send a clear message.
"Hands off my healthcare!," they shouted repeatedly, at times jamming McCaskill's phone lines.

ALSO: What questions do you have on healthcare for either side -- supporters or opponents of the Democratic plan in Congress. Leave them in the comment section or e-mail your thoughts to me at

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