Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sorry Tweeps, Carnahan Not Yet on Twitter Wagon

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan isn't an active Twitter user -- and if she becomes a U.S. Senator, don't expect that to change.

The Democratic candidate initially laughs off a Notebook inquiry about her Twitter use before saying, "I don't think people care that much about when I'm brushing my teeth and what I'm doing all day long."

ALSO: Asked about Chuck Purgason's primary challenge to Roy Blunt, Carnahan says: "I'm not particularly surprised Republicans are questioning following a guy who's been there in leadership for 10 years and got us into this mess we're in right now. He really does own some responsibility for that."



"Robin Carnahan and the Carnahan family are creatures of Washington. In 1993, well before Roy Blunt was elected to Congress, Robin Carnahan left Missouri to live and work in Washington when she was an executive for the Export-Import Bank. Consequently Robin Carnahan's Washington bank has been rated one of the worst corporate programs in the country. Robin Carnahan's mother was a Senator in Washington and her brother is a Congressman in Washington. The bottom line is the Carnahan is synonymous with Washington," said spokesman Rich Chrismer.

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