Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nixon Spent 2 Days in Afghanistan; Will Return to Missouri Wednesday

The Governor's office announced Tuesday that Gov. Jay Nixon has spent the last two days in Afghanistan visiting Missouri troops and will return to the state Wednesday night.
Nixon, along with Governors from four other states, were in Germany late Tuesday to tour the U.S. military hospital at Landstuhl. That is expected to be the final stop on the tour that began in Iraq and Kuwait.

"I am extremely proud of the dedication, professionalism and tenacity I saw in every Missourian I met during my visit, and I have every confidence these tireless heroes will accomplish their mission and bring security and stability to Afghanistan and the region," Nixon said in a statement.
Missouri currently has an Agricultural Development Team and a Military Police Company stationed in Afghanistan. Nixon visited with the approximately 60 National Guard soldiers currently deployed with the Agricultural team. Missouri's National Guard was the first in the nation to deploy such an agricultural team in 2007. The team's goal is to ensure a safe and reliable food supply to aid Afghanistan's recovery, according to Nixon. The team also works to improve irrigation, fertilizing, planting, harvesting and storing agricultural products throughout the Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan.

"These Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen are helping local farmers and producers with projects that include planting and harvesting grain and other projects; implementing modern agricultural methods to increase crop yields; canning and juicing fruits and vegetables in a safe and reliable manner; developing and constructing irrigation systems; and enhancing sanitation and storage of meats. These efforts help demonstrate that Afghan farmers can produce successful crops without growing poppies used in opium production," reads a release from the Governor's office.

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