Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eye on The Ball

In big write-up about the U.S. Senate race, the AP's David Lieb quotes Roy Blunt saying he'll keep his focus on Robin Carnahan despite a primary challenge from State Sen. Chuck Purgason.
"I think we're going to be able to stay focused on the real job here, which is the comparison to Robin Carnahan and what happens if she gets elected vs. what happens if I get elected," Blunt said to close the piece.
Lieb saves most of the best for last, including a nugget about how GOP consultant Jeff Roe -- who ran Sarah Steelman's unsuccessful 2008 campaign for Governor -- is now aligned with Blunt.
Roe said Blunt has consolidated Republican support through "a retail-politics approach." Since announcing his candidacy in February, Blunt has attended scores of events in 32 counties and the city of St. Louis. "He's gone handshake to handshake, parade to parade, boardroom to boardroom, small business to small business" to broaden his support beyond his southwest Missouri district, Roe said.
Lieb saves the newest nuggets for last -- but you can read it all HERE.

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