Friday, July 03, 2009

Everyone's Over 50

A new round of SurveyUSA Missouri polling shows all of the top elected officials with approval ratings over the 50 percent mark.

Missouri voters granted the following approval ratings in June:


Based on a sampling of 600 adults, June 23-24th/4% margin of error


OBAMA: They surveyed 41% Democrats, which critics will say is an oversample in Missouri. In this poll, there's some evidence of polarization. He gets only 16% of Republicans, and loses "independents" but wins "moderates." Southwest Missouri remains his toughest ground, winning just 43%.

MCCASKILL: Much like her re-election, the junior Senator's polling has to be tied to Obama's popularity. Stronger with males than females (? !) Hear women roar . . . 68% of homemakers are on board. She gets only 19% of Republicans, but wins the rest comfortably. She's only at 42% in Southwest Missouri.

BOND: 50% of blacks are for Bond, quite the feat for a Republican -- and one the Bond brigades should be proud of. Bond doesn't lose a sector -- until we get to Democrats, where he loses 45%-49%. But those are great numbers for an opposing party. Sympathy points for his imminent retirement? Either way, he'll take 'em. Oh, and "Liberals" -- that's right -- "LIBERALS" support Bond 48%-46%. His highest marks in the state come from the Ozarks: 61% salute.

NIXON: The Governor wins all age groups, but old people just love him. 73% of those 65 and older approve. On the job status table, Nixon wins all groups, except the "unemployed," which makes sense. I don't have a job, and you're the Governor, what's up? In Kit Bond form, he only loses Republicans by 2 points -- 43%-45%. His "liberal" rating is only at 63%, which is probably a good thing in the Show-Me state. Oh, and in Southwest Missouri, 61% approve -- that ties Kit "friggin" Bond. A Democratic Governor with his top geographic rating in the Ozarks. Maybe the GOP should start thinking 2016.

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