Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missouri Eagle Endorses Blunt, Slaps "Liberal" Media

The Missouri Eagle Forum, a conservative group affiliated with Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Roy Blunt for U.S. Senate Tuesday.

"Roy Blunt is the best candidate to fight for conservative causes in the United States Senate and he is the only candidate who can defeat the liberal Robin Carnahan. Missouri conservatives can trust Roy Blunt to take principled stands for our causes and provide the vision, solutions and leadership we need in Washington, D.C. Roy Blunt is 100 percent pro-life, believes marriage should be between one man and one woman, wants greater border security and has a record of fighting for lower taxes and smaller government," said Missouri Eagle Forum president Joan Langenberg.

Langenberg also took time to lambaste the media, who she charged were "already fawning" over Carnahan.

"Robin Carnahan's liberal special interests will be pouring millions of dollars into Missouri to air false attack ads against Roy Blunt. Meanwhile, the liberal media who is already fawning over Robin Carnahan will do everything they can to cover up her extreme liberal views by refusing to ask tough questions and making excuses for her failures as a candidate. It will be up to us to provide voters with the truth about Roy Blunt's conservative record and the truth about Robin Carnahan's support for abortion on demand, same-sex marriage and her blind allegiance to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama and their out of control, big government taxing, spending and borrowing," she said.

The release of the endorsement comes a day after former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft threw his support behind Blunt.

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