Thursday, May 14, 2009

Will Texting Ban Survive in Crime Bill?

Senator Ryan McKenna (D-Crystal City) has added an amendment to the omnibus crime bill that would ban young people from text messaging on Missouri roads except in certain circumstances.
House Bill 62 must be worked out in a conference committee to survive. The Senate blog has more on the slew of provisions in the bill HERE.
WATCH Sen. McKenna and Sen. Matt Bartle debate the texting provision in the clip above.
"There's an epidemic going on in this country," said Sen. McKenna.
"There are lots of activities that lead to inattentive driving . . . and eating is one of them," countered Sen. Bartle.

Rep. Shane Schoeller tells The Notebook a ban on texting for those 21 years and younger is still alive in the crime bill's conference report.

A COMPROMISE?: How about just banning Twittering while driving?

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