Thursday, April 23, 2009

McCaskill: Justice Lawyers Shouldn't Get A Pass

Senator Claire McCaskill said lawyers at the Justice Department involved in approving harsh interrogation practices may be guilty of "malpractice" and should not get a pass in the current controversy over torture techniques.
"I think giving lawyers a pass is a big problem because when you're a lawyer, your job is to show what the law is, not to give somebody the political answer they want," McCaskill said on MSNBC's Morning Joe.
Responded Scarborough: "You can't just blame the lawyers . . . The buck doesn't stop with lawyers, it stops with our elected leaders."

"I'm sure they'll be some form of investigation in Congress"
In a response to a question from NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd, McCaskill said she believed Congress would conduct some sort of investigation about the interrogation techniques used under the Bush administration.
Then . . . Pleads to come back on the show to talk about waste in government contracting.
Scarborough yelps: "We love you Senator McCaskill!"
Producer promises she's "booked" for next week to talk gov't waste --- unless --- "something comes up."

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