Thursday, April 16, 2009

Connor: Blunt Will Raise The Money

A top Missouri political scientist says accounts of Roy Blunt's underwhelming fundraising quarter for his U.S. Senate race are premature and overblown.
Missouri State University political science professor George Connor told The Notebook Thursday he isn't quite sure why Blunt had such a poor showing -- but is confident of a comeback.
Money quote: "I have absolutely no doubt that Roy Blunt can fundraise circles around Robin Carnahan," Connor said. "He's too well connected."
Adds that he isn't sure Blunt will be able to ultimately win the race.
"I think he's confident in his ability and focused on the end prize," Connor said. "I have no doubt he'll have the money. Winning is another thing."
ALSO: Connor thinks Sarah Steelman would be a formidable challenge for Carnahan, but predicts Blunt will ultimately be the Republican nominee.
Asked his opinion if Blunt turns in lagging fundraising after Quarter 2, Connor responds: "Then I'll really begin to wonder why."

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