Thursday, April 16, 2009

Group Pushes For Government Healthcare

Concerned about rising costs and a growing number of uninsured, advocates pushed for passage of a government-run healthcare plan Thursday night that would guarantee coverage.
The growing fear expressed at the Health Care For America Now-sponsored event is that if you don't have coverage through your employer, you'll be left without an affordable option.
Congressman Roy Blunt was invited to attend, but a spokesperson said he had already made other previously scheduled commitments.
But he may have not wanted to venture into hostile territory. Most attendees were Democratic Party regulars. Organizers passed out fliers that criticized Blunt's voting record on healthcare. And they left an empty chair in the front of the room designed to symbolize his absence.
Blunt has warned that a government plan could stifle competition.

Watch a video of the Congressman and take his healthcare poll HERE.

***UPDATED . . . From Congressman Blunt's office post-newscast: "Mr. Blunt has held many meetings in the district to discuss healthcare. He had previous official commitments for tonight going back to February. Our office just received an invitation for this forum two days ago," said spokesman Nick Simpson.


Paul Seale said...

Kinda like Claire McCaskill not showing up when a group of veterans decided to visit her office a couple of years go.

The veterans were from a nonpartisan organization who disagreed with her politically, but still wanted to talk with her.

Whats more important, though, isnt the dog and pony show of who did and didnt show up - is what was said and the entailing substance.

tom said...

After reading and rereading the Constitution I still can not find the portion where we the people are to provide health insurance to those who either don't have,or don't want it.