Monday, March 16, 2009

Wooten For Long

"They Need To Stay Out Of The Primaries"
Former State House member Chuck Wooten tells The Notebook he's backing Billy Long's bid for Congress and warns his party's apparatus to stay out of pending G.O.P. primaries.
"A lot of it depends on what the party does and how they get involved," said former Rep. Wooten, when asked about Long's chances at winning the 7th District GOP primary in 2010. "I think maybe they learned a lesson about getting involved, after that Governor's race. A lot of people will get mad if the party gets involved again."
Wooten is one of the listed hosts on an invitation for an open house in support of Long's candidacy this Thursday.
"I'm going to work for Billy. He's a good friend and I think he'll make a good Congressman," Wooten told The Notebook Monday. "I think we need a businessman."
"I know Jack real well," Wooten said, referring to State Sen. Jack Goodman, also a candidate. "He's a good man. But I'm going to be with Billy. He's well-known all over the district, I think he's got a chance," he went on, before noting how much GOP party leaders get involved will have an impact.
Wooten said he wasn't sure who he'd support in a Roy Blunt vs. Sarah Steelman primary match-up. But hinted that Steelman would be a more formidable opponent than some might assume.
"I don't know. People are pretty well mad right now with the establishment in power," Wooten said. "But it's two years away and a lot can happen. They might promise her something else to keep her out, but I'll tell you, if she runs, she'll run good in this area. She's got her followers here and it won't be a runaway," Wooten went on.
Wooten said no matter what happens, he hopes the leaders of his party and the State Committee stay neutral. "When the party comes out and takes a side, it divides us all at once. They need to stay out of the primaries."


Paul Seale said...

Okay, so wait.

Wooten comes out in support of a candidate, but expects others to stay silent?

I gotta admit it, since he endorsed Jay Nixon last year and carried his water I just dont get the guy.

While this publication might be trying to push the inner GOP conflict story line in lieu of achieving its objective, it misses the grander point.

Publishing gossip misses the greater policy debate and issue specifics.

To be clear, Wooten can and should express his opinion. In fact honest debate on issues is awesome and should be encouraged.

If Wooten believes Long would be a better Representative than Goodman or the other yet to be declared candidate, then lets hear why on substance.

Similarly if Wooten wants those within the GOP to stay out of a primary, then why endorse Long?

Larry said...

Mr. Wooten.... You expect the Party to be silent...but you blut all this out. Your endorsement just about made up my mind... Everyone knows what Jay Nixon is, has been and will be, and YOU ENDORSED HIM. Amazing. Long and Nixon in the same nest, feathered by your endorsement! Birds of a feather...flock together.

Larry said...

Well Mr. Wooten...I have a lot of good friends in business, but I am not quite sure if that qualifies them to be our Congressman. Just being a good friend, does not a Congressman make. And, I certainly hope all Republicans take your endorsement for what its worth...You are the same guy who endorsed Jay Nixon. Now thats something of which to be proud!

Why should the Party (aka everyone except you) be silent. See if you can get Jay Nixon to endorse Long too.

Sounds like you are you trying to feather a nest for Long and Nixon? Remember, birds of a feather...flock together.

BenT said...

I truly hope Gary Nodler steps in the Congress race only for the benefit of getting him out of the state senate and out of Missouri politics.

gumshoe said...

Paul and Larry,

I'm sure readers will agree with you that there is no differentiation between an endorsement from a former State House Representative vs. The backing of the Blunt’s and the GOP Machine that Jack Goodman shares.

The thing is, Wooten is right. Republican Party insiders DO pick the primary winner in Missouri –Jay Nixon can thank his job to that.