Friday, March 13, 2009

Steelman to ABC: "Primaries Aren't Necessarily Bad"

"What they should worry about is who can beat Robin Carnahan."
Former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman dropped by ABC News' Washington Bureau Friday to talk about her probable run for U.S. Senate.
The headline: 'Sarah Palin with an economics degree?'
"Asked what she tells Republicans in Washington who worry that her potential challenge to Blunt might jeopardize the GOP's chances of holding onto Bond's Senate seat, Steelman said, "Primaries aren't necessarily bad. What they should worry about is who can beat Robin Carnahan."
Steelman previewed a potential campaign against Congressman Roy Blunt: 1) His vote for the $700 billion dollar financial bailout 2) His support for earmarks.
But Davis reports that Steelman has not "thought through" her positions on other big issues:
"She has not thought through whether she would accept money from registered lobbyists," writes Davis. "She also struggled to articulate her views on health care and President Obama's plan to drawdown U.S. trooops in Iraq."
The Steelman campaign won't yet confirm all the stops the candidate made in Washington D.C. during her 3-day trip. The Notebook has just been able to confirm through a separate source that one of her meetings was with The Club For Growth.

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