Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Coercive Abortion Debate Begins in House

Springfield Rep. Sara Lampe faces off with Speaker Pro Tem Bryan Pratt on the House floor over the impact of a bill that would make it illegal to "coerce" a woman into having an abortion.
Read Pratt's bill HERE.


Rep. Lampe offers an amendment to exempt rape and incest victims from the bill.
"90 percent of the victims of rape and incest are children under 12. They are raped by someone who knows them and they need safe and legal options for families to decide the future of this child," Lampe argued.

"We want to say everyone else can be free of coercion, but if you are a victim of rape or incest, we want you as a state to be coerced to have an abortion. That is ridiculous," responded Pratt.

"We're talking about children who are raped by their fathers, by their boyfriends, by their stepfathers, by people within their family, so who's doing the coercing? We're making it a felony for parents to protect their children," Lampe went on.

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