Saturday, March 14, 2009

Billy Long Talks About Netting Big "Mystery" Donor

"That charisma don't clear up in a couple weeks, try Penicillin."

Republican candidate for the 7th District Congressional seat Billy Long tells the Ozarks Breakfast Club that he's been able to land the support of a major GOP "mystery" donor.

In the clip above from Saturday morning's meeting, Long also briefly teases The Notebook mid-story.



Below: Long finishes his "big donor" story, also explains why he's running and can't resist pointing out that a 1/3 of Congress is composed of lawyers.

(Sen. Jack Goodman, who also spoke at the breakfast, is also a lawyer.)

Sen. Jack Goodman's comments at the Breakfast Club:

"I get to work for, I get to live with, God's greatest example of the Golden Rule."


maximus bevo said...

I agree with Billy Long that we need a new type of representation in Congress...these career politicians have wreaked the country.

We need to go in a new direction, and I'd prefer to vote for somebody who has the necessary business experience and intelligence to help the country.

We need someone who will resist the lure of appeasing the good old boys club and do what's right.

Unfortunately Jack Goodman is not the guy....a relative of the Blunts, he is exactly what we do not need. I'm not sure Billy is the guy either, but he would be a better option at this point.

Kris said...

Why do I feel like Billy Long is trying to sell me an extended warranty?

Also, could someone please give Jack Goodman a red bull?