Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twitter Me This

"On the optimistic side, what this will do is increase democratic interaction. It will flatten the hierarchy, it will increase communication. It will make politics more democratic," says Charlie Ess, a Drury University professor who has written a book on information and technology.

In a Twitter message to KY3 Wednesday, McCaskill wrote, "The best part is being able to directly talk to Missourians about my day without reporters editing!"

On why she isn't a "follower," McCaskill Twittered me, "If I tried to follow 1,000s of people responsively then I would have no time for my job."

Featured in the TV tag of the story:
Congressman Roy Blunt is also tapping into Twitter. He has a Congressional page HERE.
Blunt's U.S. Senate campaign Twitter page is HERE.

And look what other Missouri Pol has just jumped into TWITTER . . . Hmmm, wonder why.

ABC's Nightline: 2009 quickly becoming the year of Twitter

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Clay Bowler said...

What are we children? Who cares what she is Twittering. She's a Twitwit Nitwit as far as I am concerned. She's like a little kid. The way she follows Obama around comes across like a bad teenage crush. She constantly embarrasses herself with this tomfoolery. I can't wait until she's gone in 2012.