Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bond, McCaskill Team Up on Stimulus Amendment

Sens. Claire McCaskill and Kit Bond are teaming up to file an amendment to the economic stimulus package that will make it easier for states to control the money included in the package for them.
The McCaskill-Bond amendment would provide the states with the flexibility to choose to provide grants to municipalities for their water, waste water or drinking water projects, according to a joint release.
Right now, the stimulus bill only allows the states to fund those projects through loans or principal subsidies. But states like Missouri have constitutional laws that make it difficult to get the money to rural communities using this funding mechanism.

"The only way this bill will truly help our economy is if the money gets out the door quickly. This amendment is an easy fix to help states like Missouri get dollars to communities that are hurting as soon as possible," McCaskill said.

"This amendment will make sure our communities, especially those in rural areas, are not denied vital funds to help them clean their water, something I have long fought for and am proud to join with my colleagues again on today," added Bond.
McCaskill has filed additional amendments to the bill --
  • Strengthening whistleblower protections
  • The establishment of a website that will track funds down to the local and subcontract level.
  • More funding for Inspectors General to do investigations and audits of the spending
  • The CEO Cap -- Anyone who gets TARP money can't be compensated any more than POTUS

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