Monday, January 26, 2009

Bond Misses Geithner Vote

Due to mechanical problems with his plane out of St. Louis, Sen. Kit Bond missed the Senate's confirmation vote on Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.
The Senate approved Geither's nomination 64-34 Monday, with the majority of the Republican caucus voting "no."
"Sadly, Senator Bond’s plane out of St. Louis this afternoon had mechanical problems, so he missed tonight’s vote on Geithner. He was looking forward, however, to voting no," Bond spokesperson Shana Marchio wrote in an e-mail to The Notebook.
Fortunately, Marchio was kind enough to forward us a colorful quote from Bond as well:
"Mr. Geithner is a talented man, but when our system depends on voluntary compliance, it sends the wrong message to have him heading tax enforcement, like having a chain smoker for Surgeon General," Bond said in a statement.
The Democrats that voted against Geithner were Tom Harkin of Iowa, Robert Byrd of West Virginia and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

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