Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New GOP Chair Still Undecided on RNC Head

New Missouri Republican Party Chair David Cole says he's not yet decided who he will support to become the next national chairman of his party.

In an interview with the KY3 Political Notebook Monday night, Cole said he doesn't believe the two other voting members from Missouri have reached a decision either.

Six candidates are vying for votes around the country for an election that will be held this Friday. According to the website YourRNC.com, current RNC Chair Mike Duncan leads the race among pledged supporters.
"I'm a late comer to the process, but I've received a whole lot of information and I think we have several very fine candidates," said Cole, who lives in Cassville. "I don't have any inclination as to what I'm going to do yet." Cole said he couldn't yet narrow down the field of candidates, but added that he plans to fly to Washington, D.C. late Tuesday (weather-permitting) for meetings with some of the candidates.

Asked how much a national chair means to an individual state like Missouri, Cole said the selection would be critical because the RNC head "controls resources." "Obviously it's important for Missouri in 2010 with Senator Bond's retirement. The RNC chair will set priorities and the tone."

Lance Beshore of Joplin and Ann Dickinson of Kansas City are Missouri's two other RNC members. "It my understanding they've not (made up their minds,)" Cole said.

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AmericanGovernment said...

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