Monday, January 26, 2009

Shields Appoints Special Committee To Handle Stimulus

Senate Majority Leader Charlie Shields has appointed a special legislative committee to help secure and oversee money from a potential federal stimulus package.
Sen. Scott Rupp will chair the Senate Select Committee on Oversight of the Federal Stimulus Plan. Their first meeting will be Wednesday at 2 p.m.
The committee has invited Governor Jay Nixon, Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and all members of the Congressional delegation to speak before the committee to share "information and strategies" for securing an anticipated $1 trillion dollars. "We want to make sure Missourians get their federal tax dollars invested back into programs and jobs that can improve our daily lives, rather than going to pay for our neighboring states," Shields said. "By acting quickly and overseeing the securing of federal funding, we can better work through our challenges to sustain economic prosperity and a high quality of life for Missourians for years to come," he said.
Ozarks members of the committee include Sen. Chuck Purgason, who will focus on agriculture funds and Sen. Jack Goodman, who will focus on justice funds.

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