Thursday, December 11, 2008

Team Nixon Releases Letter To State Employees

"If they want to “make state government smaller and more efficient” why did they hire 100 people to recruit Democrats for jobs in state government,?" asks Republican operative Paul Sloca.
"This looks like an attempt to take care of Nixon’s 600 best supporters," says Mo. GOP spokeswoman Tina Hervey.
Following an Associated Press story that revealed that Governor-Elect Jay Nixon is asking hundreds of state employees to justify their jobs, Nixon's transition team released the letter sent to 600 "exempt" or "unclassified" state employees.
"The Office of Administration, Division of Personnel, has identified you as holding an exempt or unclassified position," begins the memo from Nixon Transition Director Charles Burson to 600 state employees. "In futherance of the Governor-elect's commitment to establishing a government that efficiently serves all Missourians during these challenging economic times, the Transition Office is evaluating all such positions. As a component of that evaluation, you are requested to provide the Transition Office the following information:
1) Duties and responsibilities of your position
2) Importance of your position to the mission of your agency
3) Specific qualifications that you possess for your position
4) A current copy of your resume
But Republicans are already questioning why Nixon enlisted 100 advisers to hire more people for jobs, if he's looking to get rid of other employees. "If they want to "make state government smaller and more efficient" why did they hire 100 people to recruit Democrats for jobs in state government?," asked Republican operative Paul Sloca, who formerly served as state G.O.P. spokesperson.
"Exempt" or "unclassified" employees are not part of the state's merit personnel system.
"Over the coming weeks and months, the Transition Team and new administration will carefully review the information provided and make recommendations about opportunities to consolidate and streamline government operations. As Missouri families tighten their belts, state government must be ready to do the same. By conducting these evaluations, we’ll have the information necessary to make state government smaller and more efficient," said Burson in a statement.
Sloca believes that Nixon is signaling he's willing to make room for those tied to him politically.
"Now he's making room in state government for those recruits by getting rid of folks who aren’t political but are just making a living. Seems to me that Nixon is already abiding by the view that Democrats see state government as a family business," said Sloca.
Meanwhile, the current spokesperson for the state G.O.P. is also getting in on the digs.
"Is Governor-elect Nixon’s citizen advisory team filled with labor bosses, special interest group employees, trial attorneys and political hacks going to decide that their cronies should get these jobs," asked Tina Hervey of Mo. GOP. "This looks like an attempt to take care of Nixon’s 600 best supporters."

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