Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Move Has Begun

A few housekeeping notes to keep our loyal readers in the loop about:

1) Our new online series "Nixon's Challenge" continues at Be sure to check it out HERE. Our latest entry is from Gwen Beebe of Integrity Home Care. We plan to add a new entry daily through Jay Nixon's inauguration. But we also want and need your participation. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, e-mail me at

2) "Transitioning" seems to be the thing to do right now, and we at the KY3 Political Notebook are doing it as well. We are in the midst of moving the Notebook to our new home on our TV Internet home of This move is weeks in the making, and I can assure you it is not occurring without questions, modifications, much attention to every detail --- and, admittedly, a bit of trepidation.

The move is a bit bittersweet for me. Blogger has been good to us, allowed us to flourish and enhanced our creativity. But we believe that moving the Notebook to will be beneficial for both sides. To be frank, my bosses would like to see the hits you grant us on their home site. And I would like to branch our political reporting out to a wider community.

This move won't be instant, but should happen soon. We're still working with the sight, getting comfortable with the technology and bells and whistles. We'll do some tests and trials before we completely move over for good. It will be a work in progress, and just as this blog was, the new, revamped Notebook will be enhanced as we move along.

Click HERE to see where the new home of the KY3 Political Notebook will be. (The actual address will be Then, let us know what you think, and leave your advice. And keep coming back here for the meantime. We'll let you know when the move is permanent.

Most importantly, thanks for your continued loyal readership. If you weren't coming back so ofte
n in growing numbers from all corners of the state and beyond, the guys who sign my paycheck probably wouldn't interested in moving us in the first place.

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Matthew Block said...

Moving the blog to is fine, but I sure hope it keeps a blog format including a real RSS feed unlike what they have for the weather forecasts. Otherwise they'll just be ruining a good thing.