Monday, December 15, 2008

No Doubts, Not For A Moment

"I really didn't feel like a second term would be nearly as productive."

Gov. Matt Blunt offers little new insight into why he decided against a second term, but First Lady Melanie Blunt notes, "I don't necessarily think this means that politics or running for office is out of the question in the future."

The Governor adds, he "never for a moment doubted" his decision not to run.



Blunt says: "It doesn't occupy a great deal of my time."

Asked whether he regrets that he or his staff deleted any e-mails, he responds: "I think people have to manage their inbox."


KY3 Anchor Steve Grant spoke exclusively to Missouri Governor Matt Blunt in what was one of his final long-ranging exit interviews before he leaves office.


MONDAY, THE A.P. REPORTED: Top aides for Gov. Matt Blunt tried to discourage former administration attorney Scott Eckersley from talking publicly about his firing by warning that Blunt's administration would fight back. On Monday, Blunt's administration released an additional 850 pages that it had previously withheld. Included is a letter warning Eckersley that Blunt's office would fight his assertions. Blunt's administration is continuing to withhold 180 e-mails sought by the Kansas City Star, asserting they are shielded because they relate to legal actions or attorney communications.

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