Friday, December 12, 2008

Martin II: "This Is A Witch Hunt"

"I Plan To Get To The Bottom Of It."

The former Chief of Staff to Governor Matt Blunt says he did not do any "inappropriate" political work or e-mailing on government time and claims that Attorney General and now Governor-elect Jay Nixon turned his discussions about policy into a "witch hunt."


"When I'm talking to policy supporters about defending a bill that was passed in the legislature, that's not (inappropriate)," says Ed Martin. "When I talk to the Bishops about the policy positions of the government, that is not inappropriate. This is a witch hunt that Jay Nixon has done."

ALSO: Martin Accuses Nixon's Investigators of "Misconduct": "His investigators I believe have committed misconduct, which rises to the level of some kind of cover-up. I plan to get to the bottom of it . . . Whatever it takes, we're going to find out."

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