Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lampe Lauches Butter Battle Over Unenforced Law

Selling Imitation Butter Is Illegal In Missouri
Sound Ridiculous?
Watch the KY3 News @ 10 Report HERE
"We were looking in indexes of one of the statute books and there was this definition for 'imitation butter' and we thought, no way!'" said Springfield State Rep. Sara Lampe in an interview Tuesday.
"We did find out that it started back when Missouri was wanting to be a big dairy state and they were really trying to protect the dairy market. There's no reason for that now," said Lampe. "As goofy as the law sounds, as silly as they sound today, the reality is they're laws. The reality is if someone said, we want to enforce this law, they could."
Right now the 1895 law carries a punishment of a $100 dollar fine and up to 30 days in jail.
Lampe said she knows it's "not likely to pass," but adds that "it's about awareness."
"This is kind of like cleaning out your closet so that you can make sure the laws that we have are appropriate for Missourians," she said.

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