Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Judge Dismisses Stem Cell Lawsuit

A Cole County judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Missouri Roundtable for Life, critics of embryonic stem cell research.
The group's goal was to attempt to block $21 million dollars of state funds for being used for life science research, but a judge ruled that there is no legal dispute. The money is part of the Life Sciences Research Trust Fund, which was created to spend a portion of Missouri's annual proceeds from the tobacco settlement.
"We strongly disagree with the court’s decision and, in the interest of protecting Missouri taxpayers, will continue to press our claim in the Court of Appeals," said Fred N. Sauer, a founder of the Missouri Roundtable for Life and a plaintiff in the case. "Since the defendants admitted on the record that they do not know if the restrictions apply, we will also be forced to sue any and all recipients of grant money from the Life Sciences Research Trust Fund and its related entities. We will not let tax dollars go unrestricted to these groups that are privately controlled and may be used to make profits off abortions and research the legislature banned."

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