Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Goode Budget Review

Governor-Elect Jay Nixon appoints former State Senator Wayne Goode to review the state budget during the transition

Goode will analyze the state's budget condition, advise Nixon on fiscal and appropriation matters and help prepare Nixon's first budget package. "We’re facing challenging financial times, and there’s no one more qualified to help prepare our first budget than Sen. Wayne Goode,"
Governor-elect Nixon said in a statement Tuesday. "Just as Missouri families have to tighten their belts, our state government must do the same and find ways to provide more efficient service for the taxpayers. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing throughout this transition process."
"As the nation continues to face an economic crisis, it’s clear that Missouri is also in the midst of challenging economic times. Beginning immediately, we’ll conduct a detailed review of Missouri’s budget to find areas where we can eliminate waste while improving service for the taxpayers. Under Governor-elect Nixon’s leadership, we’ll determine exactly where the state’s finances stand and plot the best course to move Missouri forward.
Goode was first elected to Missouri's House in 1962. Legislation he's championed includes the 1994 campaign finance reform bill, the public education funding formula and establishing the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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