Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dixon Will Run For 30th District Senate Seat in 2010

The #140th District State House Representative tells The Ky3 Political Notebook he'll set up a Senate campaign fundraising committee with the Missouri Ethics Commission by week's end
Rep. Bob Dixon tells the KY3 Political Notebook that he plans to run for Springfield's 30th District State Senate seat in 2010.
Dixon, a Republican who will begin his 4th term in the House in January, said that he plans to file the appropriate papers with the Missouri Ethics Commission by the end of this week. Those papers will allow him to set up a fundraising committee. He said that committee is tentatively named "Friends of Bob Dixon." Formal filing for the seat with the Secretary of State's office won't open up until February 2010.
With Sen. Norma Champion term-limited, Dixon was widely assumed to be a candidate for the 30th Senate District. He told the Notebook he just recently settled on his decision to run.
"I gave the four ladies who live in my home veto power. We're all just full speed ahead now," Dixon said in an interview.
"There's lots of work I've done in the House, lots of things I accomplished. But there are some things I wasn't able to get through in the Senate, like adding a judge in Greene County. It definitely helps being in that body. You don't really have any leverage in the House. The difference is more leverage," Dixon said.
As an example, he cited Sen. Champion's work on the Missouri State University name change. "The House did a lot of work on that, but she was able to do a lot of things in the background to get that done. She has done a great job," Dixon added.
Dixon decided not to seek another term as Caucus Chairman this term. He said that decision was in part because he felt it was important to pass the torch to someone before the end of his term.
When asked if he expects a primary opponent, Dixon responded, "I've never met anyone who wants a primary." Retiring Rep. B.J. Marsh has expressed interest in running for the Senate, possibly as an independent. Dixon is seen to be the establishment choice of the Republican Party in this race.
On the Democratic side, #138th District House member Sara Lampe is widely seen as a possible opponent to Dixon in the 30th. One close aide to Lampe said that she hasn't yet made any decision.
Dixon said no matter who is opponent is, it won't change the kind of campaign he plans to run. "Whoever else decides to run won't have any impact on what I do. I will enjoy the race regardless of who runs. I think right now what people want is for us to work together to get things done, and that's what I intend to to," Dixon said.
He said he has not talked yet with Governor-elect Jay Nixon, but said he was eager to. He compared the upcoming 2009 legislative session to his first term in 2002. But he added that he wanted to avoid similar pitfalls on both sides. "Governor Holden really didn't talk to the legislature, and there really wasn't a concerted effort to engage him. I want to try to avoid that," Dixon said.

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