Saturday, November 01, 2008

20, 25, 30, 35?

Add up these three pictures below, and YOU tell ME how big Barack Obama's crowd was in Springfield.
Team Obama says 35 to 40,000, and cites, Leslie Ballew, Quality Assurance Manager Springfield Public Schools.
The media had fun playing the crowd estimation game all night long.
Here's what I can tell you. It was BIGGER than Palin. But probably not 40 thousand.
Definitely more than 20 thousand. Highly feasible it was 25 thousand. Maybe 30. There were a significant amount of people from out of state. They weren't "bused in," they just drove in from Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma. Impossible to put a number of what percentage were out of state though.

But you tell me, does 30 thousand people look very different from 35 thousand?


Paul Seale said...

Either way there was a lot of people there, as should it be with no tickets require and a beautiful Ozarks night.

Busplunge said...

My grandsons and I drove the bus along the line. It was 5 to 8 people wide and dense from JFK gates south on Grant to Sunshine and west on Sunshine to Fort Street around 6.

How far is it from JFK to Fort and Sunshine? Two miles?

The line completely filled the southbound lane on Grant Street. Southbound vehicles had to use the center turn lane. The lanes are how wide?

There were a lot of people in line, friendly people who waved and cheered as we drove by and the boys chanted "O Ba Ma".

Karen took a lot of pictures of the line.

20,000 plus people in line.

million$peach said...

I'm surprised at how little Springfield coverage I'm seeing of this event. There were A LOT of people there!

From young children with parents, to young adults, to middle age and seniors. A very diversified crowd of ethnic backgrounds. A great mix of very friendly people!

The field was packed with people shoulder to shoulder, goal to goal post! all bleachers were full (except for one non-viewable portion) plus people overflowing the areas beside the main bleachers.

I have no idea how many people that added up to but I'd love someone to venture a guess.

Are there no better pictures?

Aaron said...

My uncle and I thought it was about the same as a nice-sized St. Louis Cardinals game -- so we estimated 25,000 to 30,000 in attendance.

I have a few photos and videos online of our journey to see Obama:

Busplunge: It was great to see you parade by us a few times.

I was surprised that there weren't very many protesters or McCain supporters ready to give their opinions.

chad said...

The pictures from the back look amazing to see the field filled. I was lucky to be right by the stage and saw the stands fill and people kept coming in. Here's a few of the photos that I took: