Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Unconscionable . . . Unethical"

Kinder Keeps Pressure On Page Vote
DEMS Look Into Feltner's Work

Peter Kinder's re-election campaign wants Democratic challenger Sam Page to explain why he voted against a foster care bill in 2003 that required background checks for parents.

But Page's campaign tells the KY3 Political Notebook, a defense is uncessary. "Rep. Rep. Page doesn't need to defend his vote," said Page spokesperson Bret Bender in an e-mail to the Notebook.

It's the focus of Kinder's first television ad, currently running in Springfield. Recently, the Page campaign provided a Kansas City child care advocate to rebut Kinder's charges -- but Page himself has yet to respond directly.

"He was one of only 54 representatives to vote against requiring background checks for foster parents," said Kinder spokesperson Paul Sloca Tuesday. "Page’s position is stunning because he is a medical doctor whose oath is to do no harm," Sloca added, calling it "an unconscionable position."

Bender responded: "Rep. Page voted against the bill because he read and understood it. Apparently, Lt. Gov Kinder isn't concerned about children who are physically or sexually abused." Bender also points to a Kansas City Star editorial in August 2003, urging lawmakers to let Gov. Bob Holden's veto of the bill stand. The Star wrote the following:
In July, Holden vetoed the bill, which would make numerous changes in Missouri's child-protection system. His reasons weresound: It would have limited the state's power to subpoena witnessesin abuse and neglect cases, taking away an important tool in findingout the truth. It would also have required law enforcement officials to videotape child witnesses. Experts say that could be frighteningto the children and could discourage them from talking.
Meanwhile, the Missouri Democratic Party has filed a Sunshine request with the Cole County Prosecutor's Office for records relating to the investigation, prosecution and conviction of former Kinder Chief-of-Staff Eric Feltner. Feltner resigned from Kinder's office after being charged with furnishing porn to a minor.
Dems are looking for possible evidence that Feltner did campaign work for Kinder during his time in his state position. "The records of Eric Feltner’s prosecution may reveal more about the political work done with state resources by Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder’s taxpayer-paid staff," said Jack Cardetti, Democratic Party spokesperson. "The revolving door between politics and government in Kinder’s office has led employees to believe that there is nothing unethical about taking undeserved pay bonuses or campaigning on state time. The pattern of unethical behavior runs deep in that office. We want to find out just how deep."

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